Which Class

Which class should I join?

Beginner players:

Players who are new to tennis and have never/hardly had any formal coaching on the basic techniques and tactics in tennis. Beginners are not able to rally from the baseline and need to learn the fundamentals of tennis strokes, movement and tactics before progressing. We recommend if you have never played tennis before to entertain the idea of taking a few private lessons before entering our group sessions, however this is optional and not a requirement.

Intermediate players:

Players who have played previously, are capable of basic rallying and have a basic knowledge of technique and tactics. Intermediate players can hold a rally of 3 or more shots, and are able to hit more serves in than out.

They have a basic understanding of doubles play and may participate in the Melbourne Uni Tennis Club internal competitions on a Tuesday or Thursday night.

Advanced players:

Players who play regular competition or have previously. They are capable of rallying and directing their play to specific areas of the court or to expose an opponent’s weakness. They can use their serve to win points, and have a sound understanding of both doubles and singles tactics.

Advanced classes generally focus more on refining already sound technique, and increasing tactical awareness and patterns of play in order to compete better.

If you’re still unsure…

Contact us and we can have a chat to you. If you register for a particular level and find that it’s not suitable after 1-2 weeks, we will generally be able to move you to a more appropriate class.